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SE Rising

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SE Rising is a ground breaking startup company. We help businesses (and others) find products and services that can make their supply chain more socially responsible. We offer an easy-to-use, convenient online marketplace for sourcing sustainable and humanitarian products and services.  Our products range from organic food and beverage, philanthro-tourism, environmentally sustainable office supplies, merchant processing, and more.  Beyond a sales engine, we aim to create a tribe of businesses and individuals that want the full human experience: wealth, business success, meaningful work, a compassionate world, a thriving planet and connection to larger purpose and values.  For this reason, we also aim to have a traditional sales force where people can build relationships based around customer service and social responsibility. Our goal is “ Business for a Better World” helping small- , mid- and large sized companies achieve their own triple bottom lines, and creating a market where consumers can do even more good purchasing from the existing business they already know and love.   

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