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Special Offer During the Month of January

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We want to connect you with like-minded job seekers as you look to fill openings in your company.

We all know how hard it can be for job seekers to find jobs in CSR and Social Enterprise. Job titles and departments vary company-to-company making it nearly impossible to search for positions on big job boards. We want to make it easier, for everyone!

what’s in it for you?

Job Postings
Job postings will be viewed by job seekers solely looking for jobs at for-profit companies that give back. This will help ensure that applicants share the same values and are passionate about the work your company does.

Resume Database Access
You will gain access to a database containing resumes of highly qualified and like-minded job applicants.

Company Spotlight
Be featured on either the Corporate Social Responsibility or Social Enterprise information pages and have a blog post dedicated to letting people know just how great your company really is. This feature is FREE and companies will be featured on a first come first serve basis.

FREE Marketing!
We care about being socially and environmentally responsible. We will focus on supporting our clients’ products and services because of their commitment to being responsible. We will encourage our followers to do the same.

what’s in it for us?

Job Postings:
1 job posting - $175
5 job postings - $800
10 job postings - $1500
Unpaid Internships: FREE
Paid Internships: $100

($25 of every job posting will be donated to give back to society with a focus on job training and education. You have the option to donate to the following causes: job training, dropout prevention for low-income teens, or study materials for a child of a migrant laborer.)

Resume Database Access: $250 for 30 days

NEW Service

Resume + Cover Letter Screening: $500 (job posting included)

We know how valuable your time is. And we know how time consuming reading through resumes and cover letters can be, especially in this job market. Maybe you're so overwhelmed you don't even get a chance to read all of them. We want to make your life easier. You tell us what you're looking for and how many potential candidates you want. We'll screen the resumes and cover letters for you and send you the top candidates based on your specifications. If you're interested in this service, email for setup instructions.